School transport for students of any level is integral part of the range of services offered by Tundo Vincenzo SpA.
A fleet composed of state-of-the-art vehicles, together with attention to safety and punctuality of our young passengers, are the distinctive features of our school transport services, and over the years this allowed us the awarding of many tenders in this sector in various Italian regions.

In fact, the services offered by the company have been used by municipalities scattered throughout the Italian territory, starting from Veneto, where we are present in co-partnership with an ATI (Associazione Temporanea d’Imprese) in the Municipality of Venice, apart from the Municipality of Lavagno (VR).
In Emilia Romagna Region we have worked for the Municipalities of Parma, Salsomaggiore, and Fidenza, where we are still present for the transport service of students of compulsory school.
In Lazio Region the company provides for disabled students transport for the Municipality of Rome, by virtue of the 8-year tender awarded in January 2013.
Tundo Vincenzo SpA is present in the sector also in Puglia Region, with the assisted school transport service in the Social work area of Lecce.