Tundo Vincenzo SpA Company aims at developing transport and personal services in line with the principles of article 16 of the Italian Constitution, which states “All citizens may move or reside freely in any part of the national territory…”

Thus, it guarantees services that equally keep into account measures of the highest safety standards, best comfort, and necessary courtesy and competence of all the resources involved in the projects.

It intends to carry out its activities throughout the entire national territory, and expand also beyond Italian boundaries, to realise a work method founded on seriousness and competence in offering all users the possibility of using an efficient and successful service.

It focuses its activities on the Person, in his uniqueness and specificity, both if they are users that benefit from its services or its important human resources spread throughout the national territory.
It proposes itself as reliable partner for all the Public Administrations ensuring such a high quality service to become a flagship of the same Administrations.

It operates on the territory and for the territory, promoting and supporting all the activities able to increase the quality of the services, because it believes that it is rigorously and closely linked to the quality of life.