Tundo Vincenzo SpA offers professional services in the Servizio di Assistenza Domiciliare (SAD) (Homecare Assistance Service) and Assistenza Domiciliare Integrata (ADI) (Integrated Homecare Assistance) sectors on the entire Puglia Region territory.
It is authorised to carry out ADI and SAD services by Puglia Region, in conformity with articles 87/88 of Regional Regulation 4/2007.
All the care services are carried out at the homes by highly qualified and specialised personnel, guaranteeing a top quality service from a professional, human, and technological viewpoint.

The Homecare Assistance Service (SAD), also known as “Light Welfare”, includes helping the person in carrying out daily housework, from home cleaning to preparation of meals, from transport to laundry service, from personal hygiene assistance to running errands.

The Integrated Homecare Assistance (ADI) is supplied through specialised socio-medical personnel that, directly at home, will take care of the socio-medical needs of the interested subject. The figures involved are socio-medical operators (OSS), specialised nurses, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists, and professional educators.
Tundo Vincenzo SpA carries out the Integrated Homecare Assistance using high innovation telemedicine and domotics apparatuses, to allow constant monitoring of the patient.
In addition, the users already under care can use a toll free number for urgencies active 24 hours a day.

The request to use the ADI services must be sent by one’s own family doctor to the relative Health District, which will verify the possession of the requirements to access the facilitations, the so-called Buoni di Conciliazione, through which worse-off citizens can have all the services free of charge or in copayment form.
The homecare assistance services supplied by Tundo Vincenzo SpA are open to anyone, also private citizens that for revenue reasons are not entitled to the facilitations provided for by the regulation.

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For further information on execution modalities, service costs, and waiting times contact us at the following telephone number +39 0836/567165 or fill-in the form below to be contacted by our operators.