foto_storiaThe Tundo Vincenzo srl Company was founded in 1972 in Soleto, in the province of Lecce, by the homonymous founder Vincenzo Tundo, as part of the driving school he started and managed.

The first experiences in the transport sector regard suburban and tourist transport, and the first years of activity were carried out professionally, but in a family way, using a couple of vehicles.

Thanks to the professionalism and ability demonstrated in those first experiences Tundo Vincenzo srl prospered, gradually growing until the arrival of the owner’s son, Eng. Enrico Tundo, that has been managing the company together with his father since 1995, and gradually took control of it at the beginning of 2000.

With Enrico, the Tundo Vincenzo srl Company decided to take a giant step towards the world of public tenders linked to transport services, when it was awarded the first contract in Venice for disabled people transport service.
From this moment on the company, with its first national successes, pursued and often exceeded the growth objectives set thanks to the great professionalism it has been expressing from the first contracts, and has been expanding its field of application towards new sectors, from urban public transport to school transport.

Thanks to its ability in responding to the various needs of the sector, Tundo Vincenzo srl has been giving, in the last years, greater thrust to its growth path, and today it has more than 900 dependents throughout Italy and transformed its company system into Tundo Vincenzo SpA.