Job opportunities

July 2016

Tundo opens his first office in the UK

Tundo Vincenzo Spa is ready to start his activities in his UK branch, thanks to the signing of the service agreement contract with the city of York.
In detail, Tundo will perform a “booking transport” service with social goals in favor of young children and people living in the city. […]

May 2016

(EXPIRED) Treviso – Yard management responsible – Rif. Tv-01

For our branch of Treviso, we are looking for a yard management responsible, who will take care of the services organisation. […]

(EXPIRED) LECCE – Qualified OSS – Rif. Le-01

We are looking for a qualified healthcare operator for our branch of Lecce. […]

(EXPIRED) Genoa – Driver with KB driving licence – Rif. Ge-01

We are looking for a driver with KB driving licence for the area of Genoa. […]